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Celebrating Liberation DayLiberation Tower
On February 26, 1991, Kuwaitis who were trapped outside their nation react in
London to the welcome news that Kuwait City has been freed from its unwanted
occupiers. Hundreds of thousands lived in exile during the nearly seven months
of Iraqi occupation. London, UK, and Washington, DC, were the focal points for
Kuwaitis organizing a Free Kuwait Campaign to regain their country. Concern for
the welfare of family and friends in Kuwait tempered the joy of many celebrants.
Begun before the invasion and intended to be The Kuwait Telecommunications
Tower, the structure was completed in 1993 and renamed Liberation Tower. At
372 meters (1,220 ft), it is Kuwait’s second tallest structure. Like Kuwait Towers,
it has a large rotating restaurant and an observation deck with spectacular views
of Kuwait City and the Gulf. Most important, it is the nation’s symbol of liberation
from the Iraqi occupation and annexation.